Bisnode's board of Directors has seven board members and two additional union representatives. Chairman of the board is Jon Risfelt.

Jon Risfelt – chairman of the board

Born 1961. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Board member since June 2014. Main occupation: Self employed. Previously: Various positions in Ericsson Group in Sweden and Mexico, SAS, American Express Card, American Express Travel. CEO Nyman & Schultz, CEO Europolitan, CEO Vodafone Sverige, CEO Gambro Renal. Other board assignments: Ticket Business Travel AB (Chairman), Knowit, Bilia AB, Braganza AB, Dialect AB, Excanto AB and Ortivus AB.

Erik Haegerstrand - Board member

Main occupation: President of Bonnier Holding. Board member since 2013. 



Mikael Norlander - Board member

M.Sc. in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics. Born in 1978. Board member since 2013 Main occupation: Senior Investment Manager, Ratos. Other board assignments: Board member Arcus-Gruppen AS, Vingruppen i Norden AB.


Anders Eriksson – Board member

M.Sc. in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics. Born in 1971. Board member since 2012. Main occupation: CEO of Bonnier Business Press, member of Bonnier’s executive management. Other board assignments: Chairman Dagbladet Børsen. Board member in 15 Bonnier companies.


Sara Öhrvall – Board member

MSc in International business from University of Umeå. Born in1971. Member of the board since 2014. Has long-term experience of leading global positions in the media and tech industry, most recently as Senior Vice President of R&D at Bonnier AB. Sara is also a member of the boards of Bonnier Publications, Universtiy of Umeå and Nobel Museum.


Berit Svendsen – Board member

MSc in Electronics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a Master of Technology Management from NTNU and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Born in 1963. Executive Vice President and Head of Telenor Norway. Berit was previously CTO of Telenor and also working Chair of Telenor R&D. She is currently a board member of DNB and SAS.

Johan Anstensrud - Board member

CEO of InfoCare, the leading Nordic IT Service Company. Previously he has successfully led Bisnode in Norway and has international experience with Microsoft and McKinsey. Johan has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MSc from the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology. He was born in 1971.


Sara Hansson – Employee representative

(Employee representative for Bisnode AB, Unionen) Master of Political Sciences from Uppsala University. Board member since 2014. Born in 1974. Main occupation: Content owner at Bisnode Sverige AB.


Maria EvaldssonMaria Evaldsson – Employee representative




Lennart Rönnholm - Board Alternate


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