Bisnode´s offering

Market transformation:

Digitization, globalization and new technologies enable faster and more cost-efficient processing of large data sets. It creates new business opportunities. Companies recognize the importance of working with the correct data and to streamline their business and decision processes. While the value of the raw data decreases, the demand and willingness to pay for refined so called Smart Data, increases. While traditional business shows low growth, demand rises sharply in predictive analytics and Smart Data.

Bisnode operates in a growing European market for Data & Analytics estimated at a value of $ 7 billion per year. Data is the new natural resource of our time, but it needs to be refined to create customer value and business benefits.

Bisnode´s expertise:

Bisnode are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Data & Analytics, with operations in 18 countries and 2400 employees. Bisnode are experts in analyzing large amounts of data and have a long history of delivering integrated and quality-assured data, as well as of developing decision-making platforms to help businesses automize their business processes and make data-driven decisions.

Bisnode´s position:

Bisnode are pioneering Smart Data to enable our customers to make Smart Decisions. It means that we match and analyze customer data with our data and the data that today's connected world generates, so-called Big Data. Smart Data is intelligence that you can act upon and create higher accuracy with an optimized risk.

Bisnode´s value proposition:

Bisnode helps companies find and manage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. Bisnode are pioneering Smart Data to enable our customers to make Smart Decisions.

Examples of areas in which we help our clients:

  • How do I revive flagging customer relationships?
  • How do I reduce my financial risks?
  • How can I keep one step ahead of my closest competitors?
  • How do I get the maximum return on my marketing campaign? 

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