This is who we are

We believe in making a difference for both business and society

Here at Bisnode, a Dun & Bradstreet Company, our teams of smart people are  working together daily to deliver smart data and insights. Why is it so smart? – Because our data sources are of the highest quality and analyzed by cutting edge teams. Our data makes a difference to all our customers, irrespective of size or origin since it’s reliable and trustworthy. Clean, compliant and sustainable. Easily accessible and integrated. Data from which our customers can benefit and grow.

Our People

Our People

Co-workers from every walk of life for the benefit of society

We are a company of many competences. From data analysts, programmers, UXs, customer service specialists, marketers, sales people and everything in between.



Our work space

Our work space

Our employees are the key to the future

We strive to be a truly attractive employer and work relentlessly with developing and motivating all our employees. Activities within our organization are always conducted in a positive and professional work environment, promoting employee health, safety and involvement.

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Join us

Join us

This is a great workspace and we would love to see you here as well.

2,100 passionate co-workers already work here at Bisnode. To join us, please check our
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Data is everything

And everywhere. Some people say it’s the most valuable resource of our time.

We say it’s changing the world as we know it. And that it truly helps us to understand businesses and people, even to predict their moves in advance. Data is both the guardian of risk and the king of reward. If you unleash those powers you can deliver remarkable insights, make smarter decisions and find innovative solutions to headache-causing problems. Data has the potential to make our lives simpler and more personal. From applying for credit, to making a purchase and everything else in-between.
Data is just data. But when it is refined its value increases. We can help by collecting, connecting and analyzing the data you need to answer your questions. We can give you access to the world’s best business database. That’s when data becomes more than just data - it becomes smart data. We will never stop being curious, focusing on our customers and collaborating to find new and better ways of doing things. We have become the trusted leader in data and analytics by protecting you and your privacy.

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