Good Data Quality plays an important part in increasing the ROI of companies’ consumer communication, especially in times like these where focus on cost is key.

All marketers and CRM experts are convinced of this fact, yet few know  HOW to make sure the quality of their European consumer datasets is optimized.
I wonder how many of you, marketing and CRM experts, have asked yourselves these questions:
How can I verify the validity of my consumer’s addresses, names, phone numbers, emails in Europe?Is it possible to identify and correct duplicates in my European consumer database?How do I get this information facing the privacy legislation in each country?Who can help me coordinating this across Europe so I get consistent results?Where can I find expertise related to the specific address complexity per country?How to optimize data quality in the most cost effective way?Many times our clients came to us, asking these questions.
For this reason, we decided to use our 30+ years expertise in European Data Quality to develop a user-friendly pan-European platform where all this is available at your fingertips: myDQ

myDQ offers you premium data cleaning and deduplication services, and will help you to optimize the quality of your European database.
Through this pan-European platform you can upload your consumer files and visualize in an easy to understand way the quality of your data. Via our integrated local data network you will get access to the best national reference files and movers & suppression data.

With myDQ you can get free audit reports, visualize the quality of your data, compare results between countries and decide which corrected datasets you would like to implement.
Discover how you can get better Data Quality and get your log in on .

For more information, please contact us via our customer support:  0032 (0) 25559660


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