Bisnode has elected two new members to its Board of Directors, Sara Öhrvall and Berit Svendsen. With long-term experience in different industries and leading positions in highly innovative businesses, they will strengthen the Board.

An extra general meeting on October 13 has elected Sara Öhrvall and Berit Svendsen as new members to Bisnode’s Board of Directors.

Sara Öhrvall has long-term experience of leading global positions in the media and tech industry, most recently as Senior Vice President of R&D at Bonnier AB. Sara is also a member of the boards of Bonnier Publications, Universtiy of Umeå and Nobel Museum. Sara holds an MSc in International business from University of Umeå. She was born in1971.

Berit Svendsen is Executive Vice President and Head of Telenor Norway. Berit was previously CTO of Telenor and also working Chair of Telenor R&D. She is currently a board member of DNB and EMGS. Berit holds an MSc in Electronics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a Master of Technology Management from NTNU and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. She was born in 1963.

Composition of the board following the extra general meeting: 

  • Jon Risfelt, Chairman
  • Henrik Blomé, Board member
  • Anders Eriksson, Board member
  • Erik Haegerstrand, Board member
  • Mikael Norlander, Board member
  • Berit Svendsen, Board member
  • Sara Öhrvall, Board member
  • Sara Hansson, Employee representative
  • Tommy Håkansson, Employee representative

For more information, contact:

Carl Henrik Blomé
Investment director Ratos
+46 8 700 17 00


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