Weak organic revenue growth, above all in the Nordic and BeNeFra regions and powerful focus on internal structuring to create “One Bisnode”.


  • Revenue of SEK 925 million (1,033)
  • Operating profit (EBITA) of SEK 74 million (242)
  • Operating profit (EBITA) excl. capital gains of SEK 66 million (84)
  • Operating margin (EBITA) of 8.0 per cent (23.4)
  • Operating margin (EBITA) excl. capital gains of 7.1 per cent (8.1)
  • Cash flow from operating activities of SEK 60 million (33)

Key events

  • Weak organic revenue growth of -3.8% (adjusted for foreign exchange effects), above all in the Nordic and BeNeFra regions
  • Powerful focus on internal structuring to create “One Bisnode”
  • Sale of Baby DM in January 
  • Expansion in Central Europe through an acquisition in Serbia and the opening of a new sales office in BosniaEvents after the balance sheet date

Events after after the balance sheet

  • Launch of the Bisnode brand on a wide front in Sweden
  • Sale of Svenska Nyhetsbrev at the beginning of April
  • New members, Carl-Johan Bonnier, Henrik Blomé and Mikael Norlander, elected to the Board of Directors on 16 April 2013

Comments from the CEO

”Efforts to rapidly organise all activities in the Group under the Bisnode name are underway throughout Europe – a process that is diverting energy and attention from our day-to-day business. Our performance for the quarter should be seen in light of these conditions.
We are seeing declining demand in the BeNeFra region as a result of a generally weaker market there. In the Nordic region, the drop in sales is partly due to falling demand for the services offered in the Marketing Solutions segment and partly to the consequences of the ongoing process of change. 
The process of change, which will continue for the remainder of this year, is aimed at providing Bisnode’s customers with a better and more comprehensive offering. At the same time that we create increased customer value, we are also building a more efficient and rational business in which each country gathers all experience under a single brand, Bisnode. 
We are leading Bisnode into the fast-changing information industry, where the transformation of large volumes of data into relevant opinions will help our customers to make smart decisions. We constantly have one eye on the goal and the other on our daily business, and are convinced that the chosen strategy will generate greater value for both our customers and our shareholders.”

Lars Pettersson, CEO of Bisnode


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