Karin Svensson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bisnode, resigns at her own request on 31 May, 2013. Group wide human resources processes will be managed locally and coordinated by Bisnode’s human resources network.

Karin has been a member of the Group Management Team since 2010. Along with the rest of the management team, she has focused on building a common culture with shared values for the new Bisnode that was unveiled on 14 May this year.

Aside from leadership development and talent management, a key part of Karin’s mission has been to develop the group’s local human resources operations, with particular focus on exchange of experience and knowledge sharing.

”Karin has successfully laid the foundation for enabling the group’s human resources issues to be coordinated and operated effectively on a local level through the human resources network that is her legacy”, says Lars Petterson, CEO of Bisnode.


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