Bisnode CHRO Cecilia Westerholm Beer winner of HR Profile of the year at the Roi REKRYTERING awards

21 Sep 2017

Bisnode announced today that Cecilia Westerholm Beer, Chief HR Officer at Bisnode has been awarded HR profile of the year in Stockholm. The award, instituted by Roi Rekrytering and SPP, celebrates individuals who are at the forefront of digitalization of processes across their organizations.

Cecilia was recognized for her broad knowledge within HR, her ability to be a team player and her innovative digital thinking. Cecilia is highly involved in several projects to digitalize HR processes at Bisnode. She also has the ability to see and support the need for digitalization outside the HR processes.

”I am happy to receive the prize and the recognition that comes with it. The jury did a very thorough job interviewing people and making sure they thought I was worth the prize, which makes it extra special,” said Cecilia.

Bisnode is active in transforming the company to become Europe’s leading Data & Analytics company. Cecilia started at Bisnode in May 2017 and has already completed the procurement of a new HR-system to harmonize HR processes to enhance the employee experience.

“I am passionate about working with people, technology, innovation and making society and every-day life better. Joining Bisnode, who are in the forefront of “Tomorrowland” is very inspiring, with our strong culture, our competent colleagues, and our target state” said Cecilia.

“I am very proud of having a star like Cecilia onboard the strong Bisnode Management team. Digitalization is at the core of Bisnode and that Cecilia won the award increases my confidence that we are set to transform our entire company in a very positive way” says Magnus Silfverberg, CEO of Bisnode.


For more questions, please contact

Jenny Sandén, Marketing Manager at Roi REKRYTERING
Phone: +46 (0)73-520 87 11

Cecilia Westerholm Beer, CHRO Bisnode
Phone: +46 (0) 708578670


Press release Bisnode names Cecilia Westerholm Beer winner of HR Profile of the year at the Roi REKRYTERING awards


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