After 5 years with Bisnode, Eckhard Geulen has decided to resign as Regional Director for DACH. He has accepted a new assignment with the German stock-listed management holding company Solvesta AG, which acquires majority stakes in medium-sized companies that has either been subject to restructuring or have been in financial distress. Eckhard Geulen will take on a role as operating partner and Chief Operating Officer.

”After serving as the Regional Director of Bisnode DACH, I have developed strong bonds to colleagues, the business itself and our customers. It has not been an easy decision to say yes to an opportunity outside Bisnode. Our new strategy and the start of a fundamental transformation, made the decision even harder. Finally it was the unique opportunity that tipped the scales: Being responsible for several companies across various industries and restructure their operations is an absolutely thrilling task. I want to say thank you to many, many people within Bisnode and wish you great future success – for Bisnode as a company and for each and everyone’s personal development,“ says Eckhard Geulen. 

I have highly appreciated Eckhard for his strong drive, his personal commitment and for his knowledge”, says Magnus Silfverberg. ”Eckhard has been very active in setting and driving our new strategy and it is great that we are starting to see our first evidence of our transformation and results from the Key Initiatives coming out. I would like to thank Eckhard for his contribution to Bisnode and wish him the very best on his new career journey.”

Dr. Eckhard Geulen will be leaving Bisnode on August 31st, 2016. A recruitment process to find a successor for the Regional Director position in DACH is initiated.


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