Bisnode’s Marketing and Communications Manager Elin Ljung has been named Ratos Talent of the Year. The award, which is presented for the second successive year, aims to recognize the many talents working in Ratos’s holdings and to contribute to the wide-ranging professional development a these companies.

Founded in 2012, Ratos Talent Award aims to push talent development higher up on the agenda of the management teams of Ratos’s holdings. Ratos believes that in order for companies to achieve long-term success, attracting and retaining talent is a crucial element. This year the award is presented to three out of a total of 22 000 people in Ratos’s holdings. The other awardees are Anders Repfennig of Euromaint and Sigmund Øvereng of SB Seating.

”We are all very proud of Elin Ljung’s award. Bisnode’s success is dependent on our people, and as chief executive one of my main commitments is to ensure that all our people have the opportunity to reach their full potential”, says Bisnode's former CEO Lars Pettersson.

Elin Ljung has worked in the Bisnode group since 2007. In her current role as marketing and communications manager, she has created a single marketing and communications department for Bisnode Sweden. She has also lead the operations of uniting 70 companies and over 250 strong brands under the Bisnode brand. In addition, she leads a group-wide team that coordinates those responsible for marketing and communication in Bisnode’s other regions.

“We are delighted and extremely proud of Ratos’s acknowledgment of Elin Ljung’s professional talent. This last year, Bisnode has carried out one of Sweden’s most extensive re-branding projects, and Elin’s contribution has been crucial to its success this far”, says Björn-Erik Karlsson, Bisnode Regional Director Nordic.

Statement from the judging panel

“Elin has, with strong commitment to Bisnode and its employees, successfully managed the roll-out and the strengthening of the Bisnode brand name in Sweden in 2013. Elin has valuable leadership qualities and a strong drive to develop and deliver, which has contributed to a strengthening of Bisnode’s brand recognition by 350% and to Bisnode’s branding project being nominated to the Swedish marketing industry’s award for best campaign in 2013.”


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