Bisnode and students from Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb are together building a sculpture of the Croatian economy with more than 30,000 LEGO® bricks.

The process of building a unique sculpture of Croatian Economy – DataCROnomics – will take place at Faculty of Economics and Business Friday, March 24, 2017. It is a joint project of Bisnode, a leading European Data & Analytics company and students association Financial club. More than 30,000 pieces of colorful LEGO®, will conjure up the process of turning Big Data in Smart Data.

"Our main mission is to shorten the decision-making process by placing a fast, accurate and reliable information. More than 150,000 customers benefit from our Smart Data as a service. We help them manage their data, manage risks in their customer portfolios, and strengthen their overall decision ability – ultimately increasing their sales and revenues.. The project DataCROnomics will conjure what our experts work daily - the conversion of large amounts of data into the information needed for decision-making. "

The sculpture is designed by Matija Pužar, authorized associate of LEGO® Group. It will display 5 key economic indicators of Croatian Economy- export, investments, number of employees, net profit and total revenue in the period from 2010 to 2015. The data are based on Bisnode’s database and analyzed by Financial club students from. Sculpture building will be coordinated by Croatian LEGO® Club Kockice.

"There is great interest among students in participating building of DataCROnomics sculpture and we are inviting everyone to join us." - says the Finance Club.
Participation is open to all interested, more information about participation can be found on the website of the company Bisnode Croatia.

The unusual project DataCROnomics is the introduction to the European Money Week which will be held at Faculty of Economics held from 27/03/2017 to 03/31/2017. It is an international event traditionally organized by Financial club with the aim of increasing financial literacy and knowledge society by maintaining a series of lectures, workshops and round tables.

About partners of the event

Bisnode is a leading European Data & Analytics company, with operations in 18 countries and 2,400 employees. Bisnode helps companies find and manage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. We do this by pioneering Smart Data to enable our customers to make Smart Decisions.It means that we can match and analyze our customers data with our data and the data that today's connected world generates, so-called Big Data.

Financial club is a specialized student organization that provides members with additional financial education. It’s core aim is the provocation of the financial knowledge of its members and to provide platforms and projects for the improvement of the gathering, workshops and many other interesting features. We operate since 2005 as part of the Faculty of Economics Zagreb.

Matija Pužar, LEGO® Certified Professional - authorized associate of LEGO Group, based in Norway. Through his works - mosaics, portraits, models of actual buildings or vehicles; shows LEGO as a medium of expression and creating art.

LEGO® Club Kockice is the first and only club that gathers LEGO enthusiasts in Croatia. Official Association became in 2009 and since then has been part of the network of the world community LEGO enthusiasts and partner of the LEGO Group. Currently, it has 60 active members. It’s main aim is to show to the public all the possibilities LEGO bricks can make through exhibitions, workshops and competitions Club members regularly participate in international LEGO exhibitions and fairs, presenting their works, but also his club and his country.


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