Annika Muskantor-Bladh has been appointed CFO at Bisnode and will thus join the group’s management team. Bisnode is implementing a major change program. With her solid experience, energy and skills, Annika will ensure that the momentum of Bisnode’s change program will continue to build. Annika starts on 9 September.

Annika has held several leading positions as director of finance, most recently at Sobi, a public biopharmaceutical company. Her previous roles include CFO positions at eBay Sweden and media companies such as Zodiac Television, Turner Broadcoasting/Millennium Media Group and Titan Television. She has also worked at the management-consulting firm McKinsey.

“We aspire to become our customers’ strategic partner for decision support. I am convinced Annika’s skills and passion for our industry will further build the momentum of Bisnode’s ambitious transformation”, says Bisnode CEO Lars Pettersson.

As CFO at Bisnode, Annika succeeds Fredrik Åkerman, who in August left after nine years at Bisnode. Annika starts on 9 September.


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