Bisnode, the European leading provider of decision support solutions, has acquired the remaining shares in Vendemore Nordic AB. Vendemore offers world leading and unique solutions for online marketing, that aim to maximize sales for B2B companies. The acquisition is strategically important for Bisnode since digital marketing plays a central part in the future tools for decision making.

In September 2011 Bisnode acquired 51 percent of the shares in Vendemore. Vendemore is a leading supplier of solutions for lead generation and targeted online advertising and has since the acquisition shown strong growth and innovative ability. The co-ownership quickly proved successful and Bisnode is now acquiring the remaining 49 per cent of the shares.

The acquisition gives Bisnodes customers access to leading services within a fast-growing market segment where the trend moves toward an increased need for businesses to conduct their targeted marketing online. Today Vendemore serves more than 450 customers in 14 countries, where of 100 customers are the largest companies in the world. Bisnode thus strengthens its position as a strategic partner for the Swedish business community and global large companies when it comes to effective marketing.

“Our task as a strategic partner for decision support is to ensure leading edge competence within the areas that we know our customers will request in the future. When we fully integrate Vendemore’s services with our own offering concerning marketing and business information we create services that we know ads long term value for our customers”, says Björn-Erik Karlsson, Regional Director Bisnode Nordic.

Vendemore is a fast-growing company that had annual sales of around SEK 22 million and 30 employees in 2013. Vendemore helps companies to increase their sales with preworked and qualified leads in a cost-effective manner with a global leading offering for pipeline marketing. The offering includes services that give customers the opportunity to monitor visitors to their sites or target specially adapted offers via online marketing. The services are based on innovative technical solutions, high quality business information and close collaboration with the customers. 


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