Bisnode already owns and operates Debitor Registret, under which the DKS debtor register will now be organised. This acquisition cements Bisnode’s position of strength in the market for credit information – particularly in relation to private individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Danish market for the registration of poor payers has today seen one more acquisition. Bisnode, the biggest supplier of credit and business information in the Nordic region, is acquiring the DKS debtor register in Vejle. The acquisition comes a year or so after Bisnode’s acquisition of Debitor Registret.

According to Birger Baylund, CEO of Bisnode’s Danish operation, the acquisition should be viewed in the light of Bisnode’s ongoing efforts to offer our customers the very best data and solutions. 

“With DKS, which is the third largest register in Denmark, our data will become even stronger in areas such as small and medium-sized enterprises. If you’re running a medical practice, a small DIY store or a workshop, not getting paid can be a serious matter. This is why we are proud to be able to offer a product that can now offer ourcustomers even more help in this very field. Our data have quite simply become better and more refined – and this will benefit our customers,” says Birger Baylund, CEO of Bisnode Danmark.


Since May 2013, when Bisnode brought together the former brands D&B, Greens Erhvervsinformation and Soliditet under the same name, and with the acquisition of Debitor Registret at the beginning of 2014, Bisnode has become the Nordic region’s biggest supplier of credit and business information. Bisnode is expanding strongly, and with its 2,500 employees it is now represented in 17 countries across Europe.

The acquisition of DKS further cements this position, which pleases Preben Grundtvig, founder and owner of the DKS debtor register, which is a part of DKS A/S:

“For us at the DKS debtor register, Bisnode was the obvious choice. We’ve worked together for many years and have been holding discussions over a period of time, and I’m delighted that Bisnode will now be taking over our registers and continuing to build on all the hard work and effort that we have put into the debtor register,” says Preben Grundtvig, who emphasises that the legal and debt collection area of DKS A/S will continue as before.

In purely practical terms, the more than 45,000 registrations of poor payers in the DKS debtor register will be organised under Debitor Registret. The several thousand customers of DKS will be given access to Debitor Registret’s solutions.


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