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Manage customer touchpoints effectively, measure feedback in real-time, enhance customer experience and gain valuable insights based on smart data and analytics.

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Risk & Credit

Our market-leading Risk- and Credit management solutions are tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you are a large multi-market business or a small single-market startup.

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Remodel your customer relationships throughout the value chain, reduce waste and enhance performance with our Analytics Services – bespoke solutions satisfying your precise needs.

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Business Data

Regardless of whether your business needs data about individual consumers, households, companies or industries, we have it easily accessible via API’s and web services.

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Where in Europe does Women's Entrepreneurship flourish the most?

Bisnode databases have been used to create an index that unambiguously and realistically portrays the economic influence of women’s entrepreneurship in different European countries.
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Multiplied new deals with data-driven analysis

Tech company Esri Sweden realized that the sales meetings were not resulting in enough new business, and decided it was time for a transformation. It put gut feeling aside and decided to start trusting the data of its sales and marketing processes. 

The result? The number of new customers exploded in the first year – also the sales and marketing organization became much more cohesive. 

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Target group analysis at NetOnNet doubled conversions

An in-depth understanding of the customer can provide invaluable knowledge in a competitive industry. 

Since NetOnNet has been focusing on target group analysis, customer segmentation and personalized data-driven marketing, it has doubled customer club purchase conversions through improved communication. 

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We know your customer's next buy

Predictive analyses can foresee your customer's purchase window
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